Labpads Announcement

There has been some information recently with regards to the powdered Yellow Lens Tint H351. This powdered tint is used in a wide range of colours from yellow, to blues, greens, browns to mention but a few.

Likewise, we understand that this coloured tint is supplied to the optical trade through a number of suppliers and distributors in the UK in a number of different products.

There have been some reports that this yellow tint H351 is a carcinogenic and therefore MAY cause cancer. There is some uncertainty on this issue with different points of view and understanding of the complete picture and the studies that it is based upon.

At Labpads we believe that any health risk like this is too great. We urge you to check the data sheets on the tints you use to see if this H351 is present in your powdered tint.

With the above in mind Labpads has taken the decision to stop supplying coloured tints in powder format with immediate effect. 

We now only supply coloured tints in liquid format, we believe that we are the first company to stop selling powdered tints to the UK optical industry.

Working with our manufacturer, our liquid tints come in a prepared concentrate so the whole bottle is added to 1litre of water. Simple, clean, and easy with no health risk.

Please call us on 01329 310919 for more information

Steve O’Dwyer