We are so pleased to announce that we now sell nose pads as well as optical screws and edger pads.

Our soft hypoallergenic nose pads are made by a technology that makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The silicon pads mould to the contours of the patient’s nose.

Flexible and soft, our silicon nose pads “grip” the patient’s nose to help them from sliding down the nose. The silicon is resistant to discolouring so preserving the appearance of the spectacles for longer.

We have 13mm and 15mm symmetrical pads in either push on or screw in options. We also have 9mm round pads in either push on or screw in options.

As always, with Labpads we like to keep it simple. So, all of our pads are packed in bags of 100 (50 pairs). All sizes and shapes, either push on or screw in are all the same price.

All bags of nose pads are £6.99 each for 100 pads (50 pairs) so we believe we offer outstanding value.

These are for use for either labs or for shop floor dispensing and repairs.

We have some fantastic prices if you mix and match your purchase.

If you want some free samples, please call or email and we will happily send some to you to try.

If you order with edger pads, please call as we may well be able to reduce the price even further.

Please feel free to browse our updated website for more information and specifications.