Essilor Edger Pad 22mm Round – Budget

Essilor Edger Pad 22mm Round – Budget

From £14.50 per roll of 1,000 pads

  • FREE next day delivery on all orders
  • 1,000 pads per roll
  • For use with Mr Orange, Mr Blue, Neksia etc
  • 4 Rolls £64 (£16.00 per roll)
  • 8 Rolls £116 (£14.50 per roll)
  • Other quantities available on request
  • *all prices exclude VAT
  • Pad Size: 26 x 22mm (22mm round plus tab)
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Essilor Edger Pad 22mm Round – Budget

  • A good quality budget pad for general use on most lenses
  • For use with Mr Orange, Mr Blue, Neksia etc
  • Use with our SIP pads for extra adherence
  • Has a paper backing film for easy removal
  • Black pad for easy identification in the lab
  • Excellent adhesive properties and will cope with most of your glazing jobs
  • Please ensure that you peel the pad from the film and put the sticky side on the plastic block, then remove the paper backing paper and stick the block and pad onto the lens
  • Its construction gives good clamping force
  • Offering good stability
  • Good adhesion, compatible with all types of plastic lenses
  • Safe Removal, leaves no residue on the surface
  • Torque resistance, safe adhesion to alloy
  • Colour, clear visualization of the engravings
  • Its thickness provides good protection during the edging process
  • Thermal insulation, allows exposure to heat without deforming the surface

Application and instructions

  • Check surface is clean, dust and oil-free and there is no previous residue before application.
  • We recommend using in temperatures between 20 and 40°C (68F / 104F).
  • Do not use at temperatures below 15°C (59F) as it could affect fluidity and compromise adhesion.
  • The adhesive is pressure sensitive; it must be in full contact with the surface, apply evenly.
  • Keep in the original package and temperatures below 86F / 30C.

Additional information

No. of Rolls

1 roll, 4 rolls, 8 rolls

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