Green Chip – Lens Protector Pad

Green Chip – Lens Protector Pad

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  • 2000 pads per roll
  • 1 Roll £29.99
  • 2 Rolls £54.98 (£27.49 per roll)
  • 3 Rolls £69.99 (£23.33 per roll)
  • Other quantities available on request
  • Safe to use with Nidek, Essilor, Briot, Weco, and Huvitz edgers
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Green Chip – Lens Protector Pad

  • The Green Chip lens protector has been especially designed to help protect lenses during the edging process.
  • Simply peel off and put on the reverse of the lens.
  • 2,000 protector pads on a roll, so representing great value for money.

Application and instructions

  • Check surface is clean, dust and oil free and there is no previous residue before application.
  • We recommend using in temperatures between 20 and 40°C (68F / 104F).
  • Do not use at temperatures below 15°C (59F) as it could affect fluidity and compromise adhesion.
  • Keep in the original package and temperatures below 86F / 30C.

Additional information

No. of Rolls

1 roll, 2 rolls, 3 rolls




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