Labpads Medium Bond Lens Protection Tape

Labpads Medium Bond Lens Protection Tape


Labpads Medium Bond Lens Protection Tape was developed to protect lenses during surfacing process. It achieves the highest quality according to the Standards the optical market demands, offering a safe adhesion and easy removal without leaving any residue after surfacing process.

Product Characteristics

  • Adhesion, compatible with all types of plastic lenses
  • Safe Removal, leaves no residue on the surface
  • Torque resistance, safe adhesion to alloy
  • Colour, clear visualization of the engravings
  • Malleability, adapts to high curves
  • Thickness, providing best protection during the process
  • Thermal insulation, allows exposure to heat without deforming the surface


  • Adhesive: Modified Acrylic.
  • Liner Product: Blue Polyethylene.
  • Liner Protection: Silicone Paper

Supplied in rolls of 50 yards

  • 3 Rolls (150 yards) £99.00 (approx. 72p per metre)
  • 12 Rolls (600 yards) £329.00 (approx. 60p per metre)

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Labpads Medium Bond Lens Protection Tape

Technical Data And Instructions

Application and instructions

Check surface before application. Avoid contact with oil, dust or any kind of residue that may affect performance of the product. Recommend using in temperatures between 20 and 40°C (68F / 104F). Do not use at temperatures below 15°C (59F), since it could affect fluidity and compromise adhesion. The acrylic adhesive is pressure sensitive, it must be in full contact with the surface.


Keep in the original package and temperatures below 86F / 30C

Technical Data

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