PRO-TINT Coloured Tints

PRO-TINT Coloured Tints


Within the optical tint industry there are serious concerns regarding powdered and liquid tints containing potentially harmful carcinogenic H351 tint and dispersal properties.

We at Labpads have taken the immediate decision to stop all tint supplies that contain these potentially dangerous H351 and dispersal properties, both in powdered and liquid formats. Our customers’ safety is always paramount to us so regardless of who supplies your tints at present, we urge you to check your data sheets to see if this H351 is contained in your tints.


The good news is that we now supply fully tested and safe liquid tints from our brand-new exclusive range of PRO-TINT coloured tints. These do NOT contain any dangerous H351, Yellow, Red or Blue dispersal agents. Like our top-quality pads, we took the time to source and research a highly superior and safety conforming product and believe that these are the best and safest tints on the market. They come in a prepared concentrate for a 1litre tint bath and have an exceptional high colour fastness. These new safe liquid tints are very competitively priced and are available in the following PRO-TINT colours: No-Red Grey, G15, Earth Brown, Yellow, Blue, Black & Pink.

  • 3 Pack £26.97 (£8.99 per bottle)
  • 6 Pack £47.94 (£7.99 per bottle)
  • 10 Pack £69.90 (£6.99 per bottle)
  • Please add your colour choices in the message field
  • PRO-TINT coloured tints data sheet available on request.

We also supply thermometers at very reasonable prices to help you with temperature control.

We also supply deionised water to aid the tinting process



PRO-TINT Coloured Tints

More PRO-TINT Information

The PRO-TINT range of tints are made in Germany and are made to very exacting standards and criteria. We have produced a laminated page of instructions (see link below) to help you get the best from the tints. The two main areas to manage are temperature and stirring.

It is important to bring the water up to temperature before adding the tint. Secondly, please make sure that you stir the pot as much as possible. Make sure you give it a good stir before you add the lenses to the pot. Ensure that there is no sediment on the bottom of the pot. All the tint components must be fully mixed before adding the lenses. In the early days keep checking the pot as much as possible to ensure you get the lenses tinted correctly.

Once you get into the routine, we are sure that you will find these tints absolutely superb.

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